Design and Build of Altex Logistic Park: Two logistic buildings: Facility 1 (49,700 sqm) and Facility 2 (37,145 sqm)
For developing their business and the range of products we have built for our Client two warehouses, designed by GSE.
The main features of the buildings are:

  • Offices of 1,461 m² for 200 people with temperature control and air-conditioning
  • Elevators: 4 for storage on the mezzanine floor and 1 in the offices
  • 4 identically sized cells for storing different products (white-labeled products, televisions, household appliances, etc.)
  • Heating at 16 °C in the warehouse
  • Single item storage on racks and bulk storage for large products (washing machines, refrigerators, etc.)
  • 55 HGV docks and 6 drive-ins for use by vans, 48 HGV parking places and 18 for LVs (Facility 1)
  • 48 HGV docks and 4 drive-ins, 48 HGV parking places, 59 car parking places, 10 minibus parking spaces (Facility 2)
  • Social area for employees, canteen, restroom and leisure area
  • Special premises for drivers
  • Heating with hydronic solution (AIR Heaters and Radiators)
  • Cooling for administrative area (direct expansion system)

Project presentation :

Logistic platform

User’s business sector :


Surface :

86,845 sqm